A deep dive into the realm of conspiracy, para-political, and the unexplained. Hosted by radio host, Combat Veteran & Precious metals analysist Tony Arterburn, along with Top researchers Chris Graves & Mr. Anderson.

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4 days ago

Unlock the shadowy history connecting the Illuminati, communism, and the financial elite as we investigate their grip on global events. Traverse the timeline from the Illuminati's mysterious inception to the revolutions that shaped our world, with George Washington's cautionary reflections and the stark brutality of the French Revolution contrasted against the American quest for liberty. Delve into the philosophies that have discreetly steered history and discover how Marxism's rise has subtly swayed both narratives and perceptions, with my guests Gerald Celente, Charlie Robinson, and Don Jeffries adding depth to this compelling exploration.Embark on a voyage through the corridors of power, where we analyze the enduring legacy of families like the Rothschilds and their influence on money and policy. Probe the nuanced roles of figures such as the Warburg brothers during pivotal conflicts and consider the chilling implications of documents like "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" that expose strategies for societal control. Hear firsthand accounts from my time on Star Trek Voyager, where fictional hierarchies eerily mirror our reality, and ponder the philosophical underpinnings of an entertainment giant that reflects our world's hidden power structures.Confront the battle of ideologies as we dissect the digital currency movement and its potential to erode personal freedom, with our esteemed roundtable guests offering critical insights. Chart the ideological shift from Darwin to Marx, probing the depths of how these philosophies, bankrolled by the same elite hands, have carved pathways to a society where nihilism reigns. As we untangle the web of elite control, question the nature of corporatism and the deceptive masquerade of democracy, urging a reawakening to safeguard the liberties that stand threatened by these silent wars.

Thursday May 09, 2024

Step beyond the veil where the realms of science and the supernatural collide, in an episode that promises to stretch the limits of your beliefs. My conversation with Mr. Anderson and Chris unveils the enigmatic world of the CIA's 1983 paranormal research, revealing studies that blur the lines between reality and the unimaginable. We navigate the murky legacy of Operation Paperclip and the notorious MKUltra, examining how moral boundaries were crossed in quests for mind control and psychic warfare. As we intertwine historical strands, prepare for a journey through a tapestry of conspiracy theories and government experiments that might just make you question everything you think you know.Haunted by the ghosts of Cold War tensions and technological advancements of 1983, we dissect a year fraught with political intrigue and near-catastrophic events. Unearthing ties between the Hinkley and Bush families, exploring Reagan's assassination attempt, and delving into the chilling "what ifs" of the Soviet Union's reactions to NATO exercises, we shine a light on covert historical narratives. The chapter on government experiments invites you to peer into the chilling history of the Montauk Project, while the recurring "Cameron" surname becomes a thread pulling us through a labyrinth of conspiracy theories.As if plucked from the darkest corners of science fiction, discussions of the Montauk Monster and speculation on government-sanctioned genetic experimentation send shivers down the spine. Yet it's not all shadow and dread; we balance the foreboding with insights into the powers of the human mind and the potential of psychic abilities. Join me as we uncover a world where fact and fiction merge, and stay vigilant—we’re here to uncover truths that may have otherwise remained cloaked in the shadows.

Thursday May 09, 2024

Confronting the stark realities of our times, I, Tony Arterburn, take you through a journey within the murky waters of global shifts in power and the looming threat of economic turmoil. As we peel back the curtains on the Great Reset and its potential to upend American sovereignty, we won't shy away from the hard questions: Why is the U.S. foreign policy playing a dangerous game with Taiwan and Ukraine, and what do these chess moves mean for the dollar's future? We unravel the enigmatic world of global banking and intelligence, probing into the World Economic Forum's sway over our political puppet masters, and dissecting the illusion of choice presented by our two-party system.This episode isn't just a theoretical debate; it's a call to arms for the discerning citizen. I dissect the staggering pace at which the U.S. national debt climbs and ponder the profound impact of our foreign policy decisions, especially those that seem disconnected from the nation's true interests. With a rallying cry for financial systems grounded in free markets rather than central bank digital currencies, we explore pivotal moments in history that shaped today's economic landscape, challenging listeners to critically assess the balance between free trade and national self-sufficiency. And with a respectful nod to Gard Goldsmith and the vital insights from the latest Arterburn Radio Transmission, we trek through the paradox of U.S. military aid to nations like Israel, questioning the principles guiding our international alliances.Moreover, we tackle the contentious issues surrounding war and the use of nuclear weapons, recognizing the grave implications far beyond rhetorical patriotism and political posturing. I share my personal journey as a veteran and my spiritual awakening that led me to question the very fabric of interventionist foreign policies. Reflecting on the experiences that have shaped my non-interventionist stance, we examine the nuclear capabilities that harken back to Cold War tensions and the urgent need for a global reassessment of the role of conflict in our shared future. Join me for an episode that promises to be a sobering reflection on the state of our world.

Friday Apr 26, 2024

As the shadows of globalist goblins grow longer, Tony Arterburn and his valiant companion, Beans the Brave, light a torch to reveal the truth. Witness our bold confrontation with the New World Order's specter, dissecting the consequences of foreign policies that trade lives for the gains of a select few and the moral quagmires they spawn. We expose the war on the middle class—a battle fought not with weapons but with the stealth of fiscal policies and the deployment of an IRS legion, all while multinational corporations lurk in the background, pulling strings to orchestrate a 'controlled demolition' of societal values and prosperity.Hear the alarm bells as we peer into the rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the threat they pose to a cashless society's liberty. Our navigation through the Bitcoin ETF landscape underscores the urgency of financial literacy and sovereignty. With the World Economic Forum's fingerprints on the future, we champion decentralization and tangible assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin as lifelines in these transformative tides—a clarion call to anchor your wealth outside the system's reach.Join us as we cast our gaze beyond the horizon where the brave stand defiant against the encroaching storm of digital currency and global control. I'm not just a voice on the airwaves but a fellow traveler on this path of resistance, investing in the currency of knowledge, conviction, and the tangible sureties that weather all storms. Until we meet again after the David Knight show next Thursday, let's continue to be the custodians of our own fates, nurturing assets that endure, and caring for the kindred spirits that make this journey worth taking.

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Discover the unshakable pillars of freedom that define the American spirit and how the shifting sands of global politics challenge these foundations. As your host Tony Arterburn, a warrior philosopher with firsthand experience on foreign battlegrounds, I take you on an enlightening journey through the transformative world of conservative thought, military might, and the often perplexing theater of politics. With the sharp-witted Beans the Brave by my side, we dissect my invigorating conversation with David Knight, revealing the pressing need for honest discourse in an age of distraction and political persecution.The landscape of conservatism is evolving, and with it, the debate over our nation's role on the global stage intensifies. We peel back the layers of foreign policy, questioning the wisdom behind our alliance strategies and the economic currents that flow from our military aid. From the Middle East to the Far East, I analyze the economic tremors caused by outsourced manufacturing and the potential flashpoints that could send shockwaves through commodity markets and industries worldwide. This episode challenges you to consider the true cost of interventionism and the search for economic harmony in an era of uncertainty.As we traverse through these complexities, we don't shy away from the consequences of global leadership—or the lack thereof—on the economy and society at large. I probe the eerie silence of our current leaders amid escalating geopolitical tensions, offering precious metals as a potential lifeline in the storm. With a candid look at the flawed two-party system and the toll of economic policies, this episode navigates the high seas of international finance, questioning the Federal Reserve's strategies and highlighting the unexpected turn of Zimbabwe towards a gold-backed currency. Tune in for a compelling narrative that doesn't just scratch the surface but seeks the profound truths beneath.

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Is our moon harboring secrets beyond its quiet, cratered façade? Let's embark on a lunar odyssey with our guests, Chris Graves and Mr. Anderson, as we ponder the moon's beguiling anomalies and the thought-provoking tales of ancient cultures under a moonless sky. Our conversation weaves through the incredible odds of our moon's perfect solar eclipses, the strategic military significance that nearly led to lunar detonations, and the audacious skepticism that questions the authenticity of NASA's moon landings. As you listen, consider the possibilities: what if the moon is more than just a natural satellite orbiting our Earth?Venture further with us as we scrutinize the enduring conspiracies and Richard Hoagland's contentious claims of extraterrestrial architecture. Ranging from glass-like moon bridges to Martian pyramids, we confront the controversial and the unexplained, challenging our understanding of the cosmos. Our dialogue is rich with references to the satirical musings of Dave McGowan, the debated existence of an atmosphere on the moon, and the remarkable technological leaps during the space race. Prepare to have your curiosity ignited as we explore the enigmatic nature of our nearest celestial neighbor and the cosmic mysteries that remain just out of reach.

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Uncover the veiled impact of the Battle of Waterloo on our modern-day geopolitical theater, as we trace the threads from historic conquests to the consolidation of global financial power. This episode promises a voyage through time, examining the Rothschilds' influence on monetary systems, the haunting legacy of war beyond triumph, and the shimmering allure of precious metals amidst fiscal turbulence. As spring political campaigns burgeon, we dissect the nexus of politics and economy, casting light on the interplay of war, fake politicians, and the very foundation of our monetary policy.Venture with us into the intricate ballet of US-China relations, as we dissect China's burgeoning military ambitions and the strategic echoes of Nixon's era. Witness the dramatic unfoldment of China's global ascent, the Sino-Soviet complexities, and the precarious dance of nuclear diplomacy under Mao Zedong's reign. Our analysis cuts through the prevailing narratives, offering a nuanced perspective on the geopolitical choreography that shapes our world's power structure, and the looming specter of Taiwan's future.Our final act grapples with the ominous shadow of national debt and the specter of conflict as a last-ditch effort to safeguard the American dollar's hegemony. From George Washington's warnings to our sprawling military footprint, we question the motives behind America's march toward war. With an impending economic downturn, we scrutinize the fiscal policies that may lead to the largest crash in history and prepare for the aftershocks of imminent rate adjustments. Join us as we untangle the web of finance and forecast the turbulent waters that lie ahead for our political and economic realms.

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Prepare to have your perspective on American freedom shaken as I, your steadfast Texan host, unveil the distressing speed at which our national debt skyrockets—a trillion dollars every 90 days. With my vigilant Chihuahua mix by my side, we confront the elite forces and globalist agendas threatening our liberties. The spotlight is thrown onto the critical issues being eclipsed by the TikTok ban debate, such as potential conflicts abroad, border security, and the precarious position of our currency. This episode isn't just an exposé; it's a rallying cry for fiscal responsibility and a defense against the superficial politics that too often dominate our discourse.This broadcast doesn't shrink from controversy, as we scrutinize the bipartisan push to legislate against TikTok, putting the spotlight on the tug-of-war between national security and our First Amendment rights. Travel with me down the rabbit hole of government surveillance history, from the post-9/11 Patriot Act to today's digital skirmishes, questioning if we're sacrificing our personal freedoms on the altar of security. And as we pivot to financial currents, understand why today's economic trends are more than mere headlines—they're the cipher to decoding our future stability amidst an ocean of fiscal uncertainty.As we navigate the stormy seas of the markets, I hoist the flag of skepticism over Bitcoin's recent embrace by the financial elite and probe the potential for Silver to disrupt records. Gresham's Law sails into our discussion, charting a course through the murky waters of commodity investment. And a word to the wise: keep an astute eye on the looming specter of central bank digital currencies. So, join me for a voyage that promises not just enlightenment but the courage to question the status quo and the savvy to safeguard our financial future.

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